We are a rapidly growing driving school and drive throughout the Delft and Westland region! With our fun and experienced driving instructors, we guide the student to his/her driving license in a relaxed way.

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Your own learning pace determines how quickly you get your driver’s license. The more you drive, the faster you get your driver’s license. It is already possible from 10 days, with an urgent package.

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Picked up and dropped off at home
11 years experience

You can be picked up at any desired location. First there is a short conversation with one of the instructors, who explains a few things about what to expect. Then you hit the road and the real driving begins!


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Geslaagde leerling Turbodrive
Geslaagde leerling Turbodrive
Geslaagde leerling Turbodrive
Geslaagde leerling Turbodrive

Customized driving educations

After a non-binding trial lesson you have the opportunity to put together the desired package. This way you immediately know what the costs will be, without being surprised.

Everyone from 16,5+ can start!

Then you can already start taking lessons. You then prepare for the exam, which you can take on your 17th.

Permanent instructor

You always teach with a regular instructor, so you won’t be faced with any surprises!

Relaxed ambiance in the car

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Contact us today and schedule your trial lesson right away! After a non-binding trial lesson you have the opportunity to put together the desired package. This way you immediately know what the costs will be, without being surprised.

Exam-oriented driving lessons

High success rate


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Luxurious, comfortable cars

Driving school Delft and surroundings

Full guidance from A to Z
Driving lessons in the evening and at the weekend
Several times a week
No waiting times
Pay in installments
Get your driver’s license urgently
Always room for an exam
Interim tests
Student discounts
High success rate
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Success rate.



Successful driving students

View here experiences and reviews of some of our successful students at Turbodrive driving school.

“Perfect driving school with a very nice driving instructor.”



“Very chill driving school, thanks for all the lessons Dennis!”



“I am very happy that I chose this driving school. Good instructor with a lot of patience.”



“Good, experienced, critical but above all patient instructors.”



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Why do you choose our driving school in Delft?

You will receive full guidance from A to Z. You have the full attention of your driving instructor during the driving lessons. We have more than 11 years of experience in giving driving lessons. With the experience we have, you can be sure of the quality of the lessons you will receive. The success rate we have achieved is above average. The lessons with us are not only very educational, but also very pleasant! Our friendly driving instructors are always there for you.

No waiting times

Wij hebben meerdere rijinstructeurs, waardoor er geen wachttijden zijn. Natuurlijk heb jij je vaste rijinstructeur die jou begeleid tijdens de leerzame rijlessen. Ook is het bij ons mogelijk om meerdere rijlessen te volgen per week. Daarnaast geven wij ook les in de avonden en in het weekend. Zo kun je je rijbewijs in een korte tijd behalen. Wil je er echt vaart achter zetten? Dan kun je ook kiezen voor een spoedcursus.


We are flexible on several levels. At some driving schools you have to go to the driving school to take your driving lesson. After the driving lesson you have to go home yourself. With us you will be picked up at home for the driving lessons and also dropped off at home after the driving lesson. Do you want to be picked up at location A and dropped off at location B? Which can! You just have to declare it. The lesson packages are very affordable with us. Here too we show our difference with other driving schools and offer the possibility to pay your lesson package in installments. Are you a student? Then you will receive an extra student discount from us at Rijschool Delft!

Choose the lesson package that suits you best!

We have several lesson packages. Our packages are affordable and prepared in such a way that you can pass your driver’s license on your first driving test. After a free trial lesson, the driving instructor will make an indication of how many driving lessons you will need. The driving lessons are tailor-made. You can also compose your lesson package yourself. You don’t have to take more driving lessons than you think is necessary. Do you want more driving lessons? That is also possible!


You can take driving lessons in different cars. You can choose from luxurious, comfortable or in a car that makes it easier to take driving lessons, such as a Range Rover, Volkswagen, Volvo or a Mercedes.


Turbodrive.nl offers the possibility to pay in installments. It is best to discuss this with your driving instructor, depending on your lesson package.


Everyone has his or her own pace. After your trial lesson, you and your driving instructor can make an indication of the number of lessons you will need. Do you want to have your driver’s license quickly? Then you can follow a urgent course.

HOW much do I have to pay for A TRIAL LESSON?

Nothing! You do not have to pay for a trial lesson at turbodrive.nl. Sign up quickly for a free trial lesson and get to know your friendly driving instructor.

IS it POSSIBLE to Take driving lessons DURING THE WEEKEND?

Certainly! We are aware that not everyone can take driving lessons during the week or during working hours. In order to be of service to everyone, we also work in the evenings and at weekends.