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Scooter driving license costs

A few years later, it was still possible to get a scooter driving license by taking all three exams. This means that you did not know how to drive a scoot, but were all familiar with the rules of the car. If you only drive in small towns, it can be easy to avoid many signs because the villages are more quiet there and there are fewer signs than in large towns. In recent years, the costs of obtaining a scooter driver’s license have increased considerably.

Nowadays theory and practice for a driving license scooter

Using this method you learn to drive safely in the city with a scooter, but the costs for obtaining a scooter driver’s license have increased. Together with an instructor you will drive through the city to assess how well you are doing. The number of lessons needed varies per person, but on average 4-5 lessons are sufficient. Unlike driving, which requires more lessons, this can be achieved quite quickly. The costs of the scooter driver’s license depend on your own driving skills.

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driving license scooter
scooter driving license
scooter driving license
driving license scooter

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Everyone learns at their own pace. That’s why you can get tailor-made driving lessons from us.

From the age of 16!

Then you can start taking lessons now and obtain your scooter driver’s license as quickly as possible!

Permanent instructor

You always teach with a permanent instructor, so you will not be faced with any surprises!
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Scooter driving lesson

scooter driving lesson

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View experiences and reviews from some of our successful students at Turbodrive driving school here.

“Perfect driving school with a very pleasant driving instructor.”



“Very cool driving school, thanks for all the lessons Dennis!”



“I am very happy that I chose this driving school. Good instructor with a lot of patience.”



“Good, experienced, critical but above all patient instructors.”



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Get your Driving license scooter at TurboDrive!

We provide full guidance and attention during scooter driving lessons. With more than 11 years of experience, we can guarantee quality driving lessons in a comfortable setting. Our exam-oriented approach has resulted in high pass rates!

Get your scooter driver’s license immediately

We want you to succeed as much as you do, which is why we have driving instructors available 365 days a year. You can choose when you have lessons and how often – with us there is no waiting time! Plus, once you’re comfortable behind the wheel, your dedicated instructor will help you ensure you pass your test so you can get your driver’s license without any worries.

Given the current economic situation, we understand that not everyone has an easy time. That’s why we have flexible payment options for our scooter driving lesson packages. At Turbodrive scooter driving school you will also meet our friendly instructors and get your driving license scooter!

Scooter driving license; theory & practice

Once you have obtained your theory certificate, we will immediately schedule your practical exam for the scooter. On the same day you will take four practical driving lessons for the scooter and take your practical exam at the CBR in the afternoon. If you wish, it is also possible to divide this over two days. This ensures that all knowledge is still fresh in your mind and it is easier to succeed.

driving license scooter
Can I take driving lessons during the weekend for my scooter license?

Yes! We know that not everyone is available during the week or during the day. You don’t have to take time off with us; We give scooter driving lessons every day of the year, even in the evening!

How quickly can I get my scooter driving license?

Here at our scooter driving school you can get your scooter driver’s license in just one day. Choose our “all in one day” package for the fastest results.

What am I allowed to drive with a driving license scooter?

With a scooter license (AM driving license) you can drive the following vehicles:

  • Scooter
  • Moped
  • Motorcycle
  • Speed pedelec
  • Four-wheeled moped (quad)
  • Three-wheeled moped (trike)
  • Moped car
What is the age for a scooter driver's license?

You can start taking the scooter theory exam from the age of 15.5. But to take practical driving lessons and take the practical exam, you must be 16 years old. If you plan it right, you can get your scooter driver’s license a few days after your 16th birthday. We are happy to help you drive your own scooter as soon as possible after your 16th birthday.

scooter driving license in 1 day

Scooter driving license in 1 day

It is possible to get your scooter license within a day! We have been doing this for years and many of our students have succeeded. You’re probably wondering how this is possible. We have arranged this in a simple but effective way. On the day of the scooter practical exam you will receive practical lessons.

Complete guidance from A to Z

No waiting times

Learn to drive in a relaxed manner

Experienced and patient instructors

Exam-oriented driving lessons

You immediately enter the exam with the knowledge you have just learned. Thanks to our professional teachers who provide exam-oriented scooter driving lessons and the still warm knowledge, almost all our students pass in one go. The success of our one-day approach for the scooter driver’s license can be seen in our CBR pass rate.

Are you looking for a moped driving school?

You can choose which driving school you choose for moped driving lessons. It is important to compare different driving schools before making a choice. Pay attention not only to the price, but also to the success rate. Many driving schools offer a trial lesson, so you can decide which driving school suits you best.

TurboDrive; scooter driving school

What makes us unique as a driving school compared to other driving schools is that we really specialize in scooter driving. This means that we are committed to providing high-quality scooter driving exams.

Would you like to know what else makes us so special? It’s cool to get your scooter license in one day! We offer the option to take your theory or practical exam at the CBR in 1 day. This gives us a success rate of 85%. For some time now, we have successfully helped more than 750 students obtain their moped and scooter driving license.

Scooter driver's license



You are allowed to make a maximum of 6 mistakes during the scooter theory exam. The exam consists of 52 questions, 50 of which count and 2 are test questions that the CBR uses for future exams. It is not as easy as it seems to answer 44 out of 50 questions correctly, and the average pass rate is between 40 and 50%. That is why it is important to prepare well, for example by taking a classroom scooter theory course.


Your scooter theoretical exam is valid for a period of one and a half years (18 months), which starts on the day you pass the exam. To avoid having to take the scooter theory exam again, you must take the practical lessons and pass the practical exam within 18 months of passing the theoretical exam. If you do not pass your scooter theory exam the first time, you can immediately schedule a new exam. There is no limit to the number of times you can try, but of course it is better to succeed in one try. To be well prepared, it is advisable to study from a reliable scooter theory book, watch videos and take a classroom crash course in scooter theory.

How long does the scooter theory exam take?

The standard exam for the scooter takes up to 30 minutes. If you think you need more time, for example because of dyslеxiе or other problems, we recommend that you take one exam and take extra time. n. The exam with additional time takes a maximum of 45 minutes, which gives you a little more time to think about your answer for each question. For a scooter theory exam with individual guidance, you also get 45 minutes. If you opt for extra time or individual guidance, you will receive 5 extra minutes for the ‘knowledge’ part and 10 extra minutes for the ‘insight’ part. However, the exam with extra time or individual guidance does cost more than a standard scooter theory exam. So keep this in mind.

How old do you have to be for scooter theory?

From the age of 15.5 you can take the scooter theory exam, but only from the age of 16 can you start scooter practice and take the practical exam. If you want to start riding a scooter at the age of 16, make sure you get your scooter theory certificate before your birthday. We are happy to help you plan the practical driving lessons and the practical exam. Please contact us well in advance so that we can plan this just after your birthday and you can ride your scooter as soon as possible.


How long before I can do scooter practice?

The waiting time for scheduling a scooter practical exam depends on the driving school. If you want to get your scooter driver’s license quickly, it is a good idea to use Turbodrive.nl for practice. If you instead schedule the exam yourself via the CBR, you must take into account a waiting period of 4 to 8 weeks. Turbodrive.nl usually offers an appointment within a week for the scooter practical exam.

How long does the practical scooter exam take?

The practical exam for the scooter takes about 45 minutes in total, of which about 25 minutes are spent riding the scooter. One examiner will ride behind you on his or her own scooter and assess you on your vehicle handling, application of driving regulations, correct speed and position on the vehicle. еg. The examiner will tell you immediately after the exam whether you have passed and you can then pick up your scooter driver’s license at the location. At Turbodrive.nl you can follow the complete scooter practical training in just one day, including driving lessons and exam. This is one of the few scooter driving schools in the Netherlands that offers this service. You will receive 4-5 practical driving lessons and take your practical exam at the CBR on the same afternoon.

How old do you have to be for the practical scooter exam?

From the age of 16 you can start taking practical lessons and taking an exam to get your scooter driver’s license. If you pass your scooter theory exam at the age of 15.5, you can start riding your scooter within a few days after your 16th birthday. Do you want to get your scooter driver’s license quickly? Then choose the complete scooter driver’s license package from Turbodrive.nl. We help you plan your practical lessons and exam just after your 16th birthday.

How much does the scooter practical exam cost?
In 2023, the practical exam for the scooter at the CBR will cost €141. But there are additional costs for the use of the lesson scooter and the presence of the scooter driving instructor. It is important to know that without scooter driving lessons you will not pass the practical exam. An average student needs 4 practical lessons before he or she is well prepared for the scooter practical exam. The costs per lesson are between €40 and €50, depending on the driving school. If you want to get your scooter driver’s license quickly and cheaply, Turbodrive.nl offers a complete package for €560. This package covers all costs, including the costs for the theory course and the practical exam.